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    Swiss in the EU

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    The European Union is a supranational organization that has been able to overcome tremendous national diversity (think of how different Germany, UK, Italy, Spain etc. are from each other). Membership has many benefits, but one obvious country is missing as a member "Switzerland".

    Based on your research, give a well thought opinion as to whether Switzerland should, or should not, be a member of the EU.

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    Swiss in the EU?

    Much of Western Europe has taken membership in the supranational organization that is the European Union. France, The UK, Germany, Spain, Italy & the rest of the member states have agreed to a union that allows for greater economic, political and social amalgamation for the purpose of development. While indeed membership of Switzerland can help boost the country's development and socio-economic chances further, I believe that for the unique needs, ...

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    The solution argues why Swiss membership in the EU might not be good for Switzerland.