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    UKs exit from EU: Brexit

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    As UK will soon face referendum to stay/exit EU.

    Please kindly let me know the cost and benefits behind UK leaving EU? from a financial investor point of view.
    As a foreign investor from Asia, are there any specific investments we can benefit from the situations?
    Please elaborate how as a Asian investor, we can benefit from your stated investments plan.

    Please kindly use reliable academic source of information when assist me,
    a clear reference page would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot

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    Brexit: Impact of UK staying or leaving the European Union
    UK Leaves
    If UK leaves the EU, it can still maintain links with the Union but adopt one of the following models (EU Referendum, 2016):
     The Norwegian Model: UK can free itself from EU rules on agriculture, fisheries, justice and home affairs but joins European Economic Area, giving it access to single market.
     The Swiss Model: Like Switzerland, UK leaves EU but negotiates treaties on a sector-by-sector basis
     The Turkish Model: UK can give free access to manufactured goods market but prohibit financial services.
     Free Trade Agreement: UK could negotiate FTA with EU but with better access to financial markets
     Clean Break: UK could take a total break from EU and rely on World Trade Organization for trade
    With membership with EU, UK witnessed increased in goods trade with other member states by 55% in 2013.
    If UK leaves, there could be huge job loss, to the range of 3-4 million. There would be lesser trade of UK with ...

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    The impact of Brexit and how Asian investor stands to benefit from the move is determined.