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    Explore the Influences and Impact of American First Ladies

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    First Ladies have represented strong standards of royalties, glamour and womanhood of their times, and standards that have changed many times during the course of our history. Please explore the influences and impact that American First Ladies had on the nation during times of war and national crisis as illustrated by Dolly Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt.
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    Dolley Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt were all the leaders of their time in transforming the view of the First Lady and of women in general. Even though Eleanor Roosevelt has had more notoriety for her actions as First Lady and as a political activist, both Dolley Madison and Mary Todd Lincoln were very influential and impacted the role of both the President and of First Lady's to come after them, as well as impacting the society around them and the behavior of other citizens.

    Dolley Madison was probably the most behind the scenes First Lady and most of her work was not recognized until after her time. This was due to the fact that a woman's role in her husband's affairs and in politics was not as accepted during Dolley's time as it is now or even later on in politics during the time of Lincoln or Roosevelt. However, she helped invent new standards of dress and etiquette in Washington, first helping a spouseless ...

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    The expert explores the influences and impacts of American First Ladies. The national crisis illustrated by Dolly Madison is determined.