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Early Germ Warfare

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Please help with Germ warfare on the colonial frontier. I need information that consists of approximately 600 words in which I can use to do additional research. The information is from articles from the journal of American history. Please provide any reference used.

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The origins, development and extension of germ/biological warfare up through the early colonial period is discussed in some detail, with attending references and a primary example.

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Germ warfare, or biological warfare, is a particularly cruel, effective and harsh method of "combating" an opposing force. One might think that with all the militaries of the world are able to accomplish now in biological warfare, the intensity of the methods and usage would increase. This may be so; however, this nature and intent behind such action has never changed.

It is possible to go back even further than the colonial frontier when discussing germ warfare, as evidence can be traced most notably to the introduction of the Europeans to the North and South American landscapes and peoples. The effects on native populations from acquiring strains of simple cold and flu viruses are incalculable during the time of the Conquistadores, and surely books have already been constructed concerning the moral, ethical, socio-cultural and militaristic outplay of such an interaction. That said the Conquistadores, for all their greed, indifference and cruelty, did not have the luxury of making a choice to infect the "opposition."

This facet of ...

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