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Classical/Germanic and Christian Heritage

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Western civilization is said to be composed of three elements the classical heritage (Greeks), the Germanic heritage (Germans) and the Christian heritage (Romans early church). Discuss the contribution of each of the three using examples.

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Classical/Germanic and Christian Heritage is examined. The expert discusses the contribution of each of the three.

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Let's begin with the classical heritage, which I would argue should also include the Romans, but I will stick to what the question you posted states.

From Greece came the ideas of democracy, which were built upon the different styles of government in the various city-states of Greece. These include monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy and democracy. The word democracy means "rule of the people," and comes from the Greek words demos, meaning people, and kratos, meaning power. The example of democracy in Greece was strengthened when Pericles increased citizen participation in the government and Athens evolved into a "direct democracy." This form of government allowed citizens to rule and make laws directly rather than through representatives. Remember that we do not have an indirect democracy in the United States, as we have representatives that are elected to make laws.

One question to consider that could help build your understanding of this topic would be is how was the size of Athens suitable for a direct democracy? Why is this model ...

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