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    Comparison of T. Roosevelt and Taft

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    Compare and contrast the foreign policy of T. Roosevelt and Taft. After providing a thorough description of both, do you believe "Big Stick" or "Dollar Diplomacy" was more effective? Why?

    General encyclopedias are not acceptable sources. Examples include, but are not limited to, Wikipedia, Encarta, and World Book.d. Make certain that all of your sources (including your textbook) are referenced at the end of your response and that the information within your response is cited to show the difference between your ideas and your sources.

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    T. Roosevelt vs. Taft:

    We will go over each of the former President's foreign policy separately so that you can clearly compare and contrast the ideology of each President. We will then see based on these policies whose foreign policy was more effective.

    T. Roosevelt: (1901-1909)
    â?¢A leading imperialist, under McKinley (his predecessor), Roosevelt loved America's role as the world's policeman and took great advantage of his position as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.
    â?¢During his presidency, the US saw a significant increase in the intervention of affairs with other nations. Both Roosevelt and Taft although holding different temperaments and differences, had similar views on the belief that America's role and obligation to dominate the western hemisphere and warned European powers from interfering in U.S. interest (Monroe Doctrine) (Velm, 2008).
    â?¢His foreign policy focused on economic gain through foreign involvement and through his imperialistic ideals gain power. Drifting from isolationism, and wanted to increase America's influence in the world.
    â?¢Roosevelt created the overreaching "Roosevelt Corollary" (Wiegand, 2009) to the Monroe Doctrine also called "Preventive Intervention" (Wiegand, 2009). The original Monroe Doctrine said that the US would defend the world from any further attempts at world colonization. The Roosevelt Corollary believed that in order to keep the little countries of South America from being taken over by Europeans, the US would step in with Americans but only to help them. US troops invaded six Latin American countries but kept none of them as colonies.
    â?¢However, the long term policy goals of the two former presidents were different. Teddy used his famous Big Stick to support progressive laws. Teddy "promoted federal intervention in the nation's economy to free Americans from the subjugation of big business" (Collegeboard.org, 2011). He began the practice of busting up "trusts" (Velm, 2008), to encourage competition and lower prices for customers. Based on ...

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    The solution provides a detailed look between Presidents T. Roosevelt and Taft. After describing both presidents strategies it discusses whether "Big Stick" or "Dollar Diplomacy" was better. All references are formatted using APA styling.