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Changes Civil War Brought to Society

Discuss in 200 words the changes the Civil War brought to civilian society, in both the North and the South. Demonstrate how the Civil War particulary affected women.

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Cities developed and flourished for a variety of reasons:

- Specialized industries including steel (Pittsburgh), meat packing (Chicago)
- Immigration from other countries: industrial expansion created jobs that attracted thousands of immigrants to America. By 1860 Irish immigrants had largely replaced the New England mill girls as textile workers.
- Movement of Americans from rural to urban areas for job opportunities This was the beginning of a vast migration from the farms to the cities when agricultural machinery cut the need for farm laborers.
- What inventions created great change and industrial growth in the United States?

Inventions that contributed to great change and industrial growth:

- Lighting and mechanical uses of electricity (Thomas Edison)
- Edison invented the electric light bulb in 1879. During the following decades, factories and ...

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How the civil war changed society, the economy and created opportunities for women in 555 words.