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    Byzantium: Christianity and Islam

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    I need to know a couple things.

    1. I need to understand the importance of Byzantium in relation to the rise of each the Islam, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. (cultural and strategic link between Byzantium and each of the three in the arts, trade, philosophy, religion, etc.)

    2. I need to discuss how the first significant split in the Christian Church led to the rise of Roman Catholicism in the West, while the Eastern Orthodoxy church became the Church of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium).

    My paper is written only for the time period of 300-725 C.E./A.D.

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    Byzantium was the successor to the Eastern Roman Empire of Constantine that begins the time period you are covering. This eastern half of the empire ecompassed Greece, Thrace, modern Turkey, the middle East, and Egypt.

    1) Islam. The Islam of this period falls in the latest part or your period and was spearheaded by the Arabs of the Saudi Arabian area. They basically only had a strong faith and military strength. They lacked the artistic, philosophical, trade, organized religious, etc. skills of the first empire they met, the Byzantiums who had from their Roman and Greek origins all of these for 1000 years already. So, of course, the conquering tribal Arabs learned much of what would become the basis for their great empires from the Byzantiums.

    2) Roman Catholicism. ...

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    Byzantium was the successor to the Eastern Roman Empire of Constantine