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    Byzantine Culture's Differences from Eastern Roman Empire

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    How would the Byzantine culture develop differently from the Easter half of the Roman Empire. What influenced the seperation?

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    Byzantine culture was the eastern empire. What you mean is that it was different from the western empire.

    The Byzantine (eastern) empire was very different from the western empire in a number of ways. Let me just throw out a bunch of differences and you can go from there. Remember - all of these rely on each other, they are intertwined into a single social unity.

    1. 395 AD - Constantine moved the capital from Rome to Byzantium in Turkey, and the city was called Constantinople. The empire was officially divided into two. The reason for this was that the eastern cities maintained the old Roman culture better than in the west. The eastern cities had more money, since they were the main trading centers with the far east.

    2. The city of Byzantium itself was surrounded by a wall so think and strong that no barbarian host could ravage it. Not until 1453 did the Turks finally break them down. The fact is that the military infrastructure in Byzantium was bureaucratic, rational, law-bound and regular.
    This was not the case in the west.

    3. The bureaucracy was the main reason the east developed how it did. There was a professional bureaucracy based on merit and education. There is nothing, in my opinion, more important than this. While the western empire suffered under civil wars for a long time, a weak emperor in the east can be compensated for by a strong and loyal bureaucracy (including the church). The simple notion is that western institutions were stronger and more centralized than in the west.

    4. The old Roman traditions of strong, ...

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    The Byzantine culture's differences from Eastern Roman Empire is examined.