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Art Comission Statement: Judeo-Christian iconology

A commission statement for a painting, piece of sculpture, or other art installation that is to be placed at the entrance, or in the lobby, of a new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center

My part is to provide 250 words that discuss the beliefs that a commissioned piece will reflect the Jewish and Christian concepts of humanity's relationship to nature and the individual's relationship to the world and deity. What the lion represents for Judaism.

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Art Commission Statement:
Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center

The Lion in Judeo-Christian Faith

The art commission is a one of a kind piece that uses the symbology of the Lion. 'The lion of Judah' is the symbol of Christ denoting his ...

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The solution is a sample art commission statement (see original problem) incorporating the historical and religious importance of a particular piece in an exhibition of a Judeo-Christian nature. Central to the exhibition isthe symbolism of the Lion as a religious and cultural feature/icon.