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Thesis Driven Essay

Guidance on an analytical essay on a piece of literature in The Conscious Reader is given. "In Pumped, Pierced, Painted and Pagan," author Joe Woodard says NYU psychology professor Paul Vitz believes "cosmetic mutilation" has now been able to enter into the mainstream culture only because of the revival of paganism and the eclipse of the once-dominant Judeo-Christian ethicĀ (467). What does this statement mean? What are three grounds on which you think Vitz makes this statement? Is his comment justified?

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Welcome to Brain Mass. Your assignment sounds very interesting. Here's how I would approach it.

Begin with a good thesis statement (There is a really good online source called the Owl at Purdue where you can see several examples of a thesis statement). I use it myself all the time to refresh my memory. Also, don't forget to cite where your information comes from if you gather it from somewhere other than the Woodward text.

Your thesis statement can come from a question you might have. For example, you might ask: What is the difference between paganism and the Judeo-Christian ethic and what ...