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    The definition of history

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    What do we mean by history? Is history the search for truth? Is our understanding of what we mean by history dependent on our own societal background (does it matter where we live or where we grew up)? Can you think of an instance in time or place when the idea of history has been different from your definition?

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    The question you pose is very thought provoking. The definition of history has been contested and debated since the existence of the historical discipline. Even today, professional historians hold diverse meanings of history. To answer this question, it would be wise to contemplate the assorted meanings of history. For example, some scholars (and non-scholars), believe that history is objective and that there is ...

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    This solution explores the definition of history and the search for a historical truth. The solution also explores scholarly and individual insights of what history is. The source of the discussion is based on the experts notes from a historiography class.