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    Philosophies at the time of big business

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    After the bloody American civil war, there arose big business in United States. These business magnets were considered by the general public as "robber barons" because they hoarded their wealth by the ruthless exploitation of the workers. Some of the philosophies developed during this period were the following:
    1. Social Darwinism

    2. Gospel of Wealth

    3. Laissez-faire

    4. Individualism or idealism

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    United States had passed through a period of rapid industrialization after the American civil war. There arose many business magnets like Andrew Carnegie, John D.Rockefeller, J.P Morgan etc. The people viewed these people as robber barons. Along with these big business arose series of philosophies which affected the life of the common people. Their reaction to these philosophies had great importance.

    During the Gilded Age, strong industrialists built their empires. Americans who wanted to become rich asked many questions. At this point, it is wise to discuss important philosophies during this period. One of the ...