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    Safety Inspections

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    1) Discuss the worksite inspection process in use at your current organization or at an organization with which you are familiar. Who conducts the inspections? How are the results communicated? Are actions taken to resolve deficiencies? Are deficiencies tracked until resolved? Based on best practices in the current safety literature, what would you recommend to improve the process?

    2) Investigate how your current organization, or an organization with which you are familiar, measures safety performance. Are both leading and lagging indicators used? Considering the type of operation in the organization, what performance measures would you recommend? On what criteria did you base your recommendations?

    300 words please.

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    1) The inspection process that is carried out within the United States Air Force is a very detailed and important process. The inspection process that is utilized by this organization is a systematic process that involves the detailed analysis of the condition of aircraft hangers and aircraft, in which the outer surfaces of the aircraft are expected for microscopic holes, and other damage that may not be visible to the naked eye. This process involves the utilization of highly technical scanners in order to alleviate such problems, which is another of very important part of the inspection process. In addition, all of the wiring within these aircraft are expected, as well as the internal area of the craft as well. Another portion of the work site inspection includes the inspection of the personnel who will be working in these aircraft hangars, as well as their equipment. These inspections are ...