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    Global Warming and Environmental Factors in HIV/AIDS Infection

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    Please provide assistance with the following discussion questions:

    1. Considering the threat of global warming, take a position on whether or not this could play a role in infectious disease. Provide specific examples to support your response.
    2. Assess how the environment would be a contributing factor in the cause of HIV/AIDS infection. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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    Global warming, in its strictest definition, is the overall global climate change towards warmer temperatures. This is often followed with humidity. Logically speaking then, many respiratory diseases which are particularly virulent in warm, wet weather will benefit from this climatic change. For example, certain viruses tend to travel easily via droplets, which can be aided by warm moisture in the air. Whereas in dry conditions it would rely entirely on droplets of saliva from a host's sneeze or cough, thus often limited to around 6-10 feet of the host, the infectious range of a person can increase significantly if the moisture in the air aids in the carrying of the virus. In this sense, some infectious diseases may ...

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    The solution discusses global warming and environmental factors in HIV/AIDS infection.