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    Theories and Key Figures

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    Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions.
    A) A brief explanation of the following Theories: Social cognitive, Trait, Biologically oriented.

    B) Key Figures for the following Theories:
    1) Psychodynamic
    2) Attachment
    3) Psychosocial
    4) Humanistic
    5) Behavioral
    6) Cognitive
    7) Social cognitive
    8) Trait
    9) Biologically oriented

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    A) A brief explanation of the following Theories:
    Social Cognitive Theory - This theory is built on the work of Miller and Dollard and looks at how people observe others to learn. SCT can revolve around learning by imitating others. Social learning was said to be very important toward cognitive development. Experimentation by Bandura showed that a child that was shown aggressive versus passive behaviors watching others playing with a doll-like figure then demonstrated the same behaviors. (Zentall, 2012).

    Trait theory- This is the set of personality characteristics that over time from birth become a part of the person's innate self. Common ones are introversion and extraversion which is outgoing. These are genetic markers and are from different parts of the brain. Trait theory has been in many areas such as leadership and education. Many may describe a person using different characteristics than another using their own mind's eye. As people mature, a trait is considered a relatively stable characteristic (http://psychology.about.com/od/theoriesofpersonality/a/trait-theory.htm).

    Biologically Oriented Theory - This theory was adapted from the trait theory from Eysenck's work, biological orientation is the structure of the brain and central nervous system and how it is wired to work when we are born. This is considered one of the three components of personality. The biology along with the emotive factors set up the final set of traits in the personality. Recent works suggest that the influence of culture and life experiences make us all very individual
    (Prinz, 2012).

    B) Key Figures for the following Theories:
    Psychodynamic -This was a basic tenet for Freud and his ideas about psychosexual development. ...

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