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Structure and Function of the Femur

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Hi, I need assistance with the following task:
Task: Develop five slides, with references, on the femur, discussing its function and structure.

I just need a guide to help me get started.

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The expert examines the structure and function of the Demur.

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If the idea is to have 5 slides, I suggest breaking up the slides as such:

1) Structure - Basic Anatomy

Like many major bones, the femur has a layer of compact bone at its more superficial surface which provides it with much needed structural integrity. Inside the bone, spongy bone provides some structural integrity, but perhaps most importantly, within the medulla of the bone where the spongy bone is, is also marrow. This marrow is vital to the continual creation of fresh blood cells.

2) Introduction to Major structures on the femur

Mention briefly the macro-anatomy of the femur:
- Femoral head, left/right condyles, greater/lesser trochanters. All of this will be ...

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