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    Supply and Demand of Health Care Professional

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    What is the state of the supply and demand for health care professionals in your area?
    1. Describe the concerns, interests, and influences of the health care work force in your area. Specifically, consider how working conditions, access to advanced technologies, and/or the health care consumer population might affect a health care professional's desire to work in the area.
    2. In addition, conduct a search for future jobs in your intended field. What did your search reveal? How available are jobs in your area? How attractive are the available jobs to potential applicants?

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    This ultimately rests on what profession you're in and where you are, so it's hard for me to assist you with this besides pointing out what and where to look.

    Firstly, I suggest you pick a profession. Demand and supply vary greatly with professions. For example, where I am, there is a high demand for nurses, but not so much for x-ray technicians. To determine the supply/demand, think about where incoming professionals in your area are coming from. Is there a school here that trains them? If so, are the students mostly from around this area ...

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    The supply and demand of health care professionals are examined.