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    How to build a Healthcare Budget and control

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    I have applied to take charge at 3 facilities (Nursing Home, Acute Care Hospital & Veteran's Hospital). I am currently being considered to take one of the positions. (Chose just 1)

    I need help in preparing the following:

    •Provide the role of government programs on any 1 of the chosen facility's number of beds, length of stay, and inpatient and outpatient or transitory status.

    •Examine at least 3 government or non-government sources of information that I can use to compare with a current budget (e.g., benchmark information).

    •Evaluate what adjustments that I can make based on the following considerations:
    •payer mix
    •And any others.

    •Develop a final budget for the facility—based on the sources of information—to include at a minimum cost or 1 full year:
    *Personnel costs and equipment costs
    *Repair and maintenance costs
    *Utilities and facility costs
    *Administration costs, and so on

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    Below is a point form guide on Healthcare budgeting and controlling or your use to prepare a narrative to address the questions raised.
    An example spreadsheet with an example to illustrate a typical hospital budget is attached for your ease of reference.
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    Healthcare Budgeting and Controlling
    What is a budget?
    It is a process for developing an operational plan, expressing it in financial terms and detailing resources that are required to achieve objectives. The following are some of the objectives of a budget:
    • To define and agree on the hospital goals
    • To create a tool for evaluation of financial performance against the set plans
    • To develop a tool for cost control
    • Serves as a medium for creating cost awareness in the hospital
    Budget types:
    Standard budget types include the following:
    • Statistical budget: used to give workload assumptions- A measure of activity in each department for the upcoming budget period
    • Revenue Budget: Is a forecast of the income a hospital expects to receive £or the budget period used
    • Expense budget: gives the cost associated with providing the service i.e. the amount of money each department expects to pay-out
    • Operating Budget :-Combines revenue and expense and It lists, for the upcoming fiscal year, anticipated income by source
    • Cash budget-Gives the cash on hand for day to day running of the hospital
    • Capital budget- summarizes future plans for acquisitions of plant facilities and equipment.
    The Balanced Budget Act (BBA) of 1997, states were authorized to establish a
    Flex Program in which certain Medicare participating facilities can become Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs). (DHHS)

    1. Provide the role of government programs on any 1 of the chosen facility's number of beds, length of stay, and inpatient and outpatient or transitory status.
    1.1. Government programme requirements are that a hospital that seeks CAH status must meet the following criteria:
    1.1.1. Maintain no more than 25 inpatient beds that may also be used for swing bed services (a ...

    Solution Summary

    Healthcare budget preparation is a rigorous and iterative process which requires that management must involve all department heads in a facility.
    Government programmes such as Medicaid and Medicare have strict rules governing the criteria for reimbursement.The facilities must make adjustments in order to remain profitable.
    A healthcare facility Officer in Charge must benchmark with other facilities of similar standing to perfect the budget and control exercise that meet minimum standards.
    This solution provides a guide for the development of a budget and control system, as well point to sources of information for benchmarking.