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Capital Purchase Considerations

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Analysis of capital purchase of a bladder scanner, costing more than $5,000 that your company could benefit from.

Identify the goals that expenditure would support. These goals might include revenue, improvement, productivity, quality assurance, employee development, or management services consultant packages.

Who are the primary stakeholders and how will they view/support this purchase

What are the risks of pursuing the purchase or not pursuing?

Using a table format, provide a budget for your project, including all associated costs aside from the initial purchase

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Purchasing equipment is a large part of business expenditures. In the case of this scenario, the price seems reasonable. However, a good price does not necessarily make it useful to the organization. It has been established a bladder scanner would be beneficial. How would it be beneficial, most importantly who would receive benefit from the purchase? This question addresses the stakeholders. Stakeholders are all people with a vested interest in the outcome. In this case the outcome being access to a bladder scanner. Consider for a moment and identify stakeholders. This may be easiest by making a list. A few examples would include the organization purchasing the scanner, physicians utilizing the equipment, patients needing scans, etc.
Once the stakeholders have been identified it will provide guidance as to the goals this expenditure will support. As the purchase is considered, many questions should be asked and answered. Will the scanner improve the quality of services offered at the facility? ...

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Equipment purchasing is a large business investment. Many considerations must be taken into consideration before making commitments. Weighing the overall costs vs. potential revenue generation is a complex process. This document addresses the many factors connected with expanding business potential through equipment purchases.

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