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    Cardinal Rules of Radiation for Protection

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    You are about to perform a simulation procedure on your patient. Discuss how you should utilize the three cardinal principles of radiation protection for you and your patient.

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    The three cardinal principles of radiation protection are time of exposure, cardinal rule of distance, and cardinal rule of shielding. To protect myself and my patient, the first practice is to reduce the time of exposure to my patient and myself as well. The longer a patient is exposed to radiation, the greater the exposure and its consequence can be. The concept of limiting exposure time to ionizing radiation applies to both the patient and the radiographer. One way to limit time of exposure to radiation is switching the beam on and off while applying radiation, use of " last image hold techniqures, use long static fluoroscopic imaging, and keeping ...

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    The solution gives 421 words of explanation as to the three basic rules of keeping yourself and a patient safe when using radiation therapy. Reference included.