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Famous People Receiving Special Medical Privileges

Mickey Mantle, arguably one of the greatest American athletes of all time was a recovering alcoholic. He was given a liver transplant with little chance of long term success. Do you think because of his stature as an athlete and American hero he deserved such treatment or should that organ have gone to another patient who could have benefited?

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Since the beginning of time, there has always been a 'pecking order' within all species, including humans. By a genetic tendency some people evolve to be leaders, having charisma, while others are great athletes, entertainers and others are intellectual leaders.

In determining priority for medical care and procedures such as organ transplants, justice will only be subjective because people are making the decision and not the natural 'law of survival of the fittest.' If we evolve to a system of 'haves and have nots' and eventually a society (in the western world) of wealth and poverty, there will always be those who feel left out and ultimately ARE left without a fair chance. It ...

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With respect to the cultural cost and benefit to keeping people alive and the ethics of letting people 'take cuts in line' for services is discussed.