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Brain Dysfunction Diagnosis

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Mr. Stevens comes to your office complaining that he frequently loses his balance. He says that he feels like a drunken man when he walks and cannot even draw a straight line. Mr. Stevens will have to undergo testing before you determine a diagnosis, but what part of his brain do you think might be involved on the basis of the symptoms he reports? Why?

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The part of the brain that might be involved based upon the symptoms that Mr. Stevens reports, is in all probability the cerebellum. This is due to the fact that the cerebellum is the portion of the brain that is largely responsible for important motor functions, such as an individual's equilibrium, and their ability to coordinate muscle movements. Due to the fact that Mr. Stevens complains that he frequently loses his balance, and that an individual's equilibrium has a great deal to do with ...

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This solution describes the importance of the cerebellum to an individual's overall functioning.