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An ethical question in health care dealing with patient confidentiality, professionalism, patient-health care provider emotional attractions, and boundary analysis from a medical student's perspective. Response in MS Word.

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Julian Dempsey is assigned to look after a young unmarried woman, Ms Liz Smith, who is still living at home. Ms. Smith has been admitted to the hospital for anemia, which is thought to be due to excessive uterine bleeding during menstruation. This apparently has occurred several times over the past year and greatly concerns Ms Smith and her parents who have been in regularly to visit the patient. As a student, Julian has a lot of time to spend with his patients and establishes a good rapport with Ms. Smith. As much as he tries to suppress it, he finds himself attracted to Ms Smith and enjoys the conversations they have together. Several days after admission, Ms. Smith asks Julian, "Will you keep everything I tell you a secret?" Before Julian can respond, Ms. Smith continues, "my bleeding problem isn't as simple as I told you on admission. I was pregnant and took some medication my sister obtained overseas that she said would bring on an abortion. I guess it worked but I ended up bleeding a lot more than I expected. Nobody can know about this."

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After hearing Liz's confession of the self-prescribed, drug-induced abortion, numerous questions ran through Julian's mind. What should I do to help her? Should ...

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