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Four I's of Service Marketing

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Help me identify and describe the four I's related to service marketing. Why are each of the four I's challenging? Provide examples from within an organization for each of four I's. Help me explain how, as a manager, we can influence the four I's.

1. Intangibility - once a service is performed there is nothing to take home

2. Inconsistancy - every employee has different abilities, you eill not always get the same person performing the service every time

3. Inseperability - distinguishing between the service and the server

4. Inventory - having ehough stock to meet demand

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The four I's of service marketing are examined. Intangibility, inconsistency,and inseparability is examined.

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Intangibility is an issue for marketing because we associate positive and negatives with things that we can easily quantify and qualify - and there is nothing easier than things we can simply perceive from our senses. My keyboard is a good one because it feels good when I type - I can feel that in my fingers and it's not an abstract feeling. As a result, it is hard to sell positive aspects of services because it is not intuitive and more abstract. The other factor is the inherent objectivity of products versus that of the subjectivity of services. Products can be objectively described as fragrant, for example, and the person would know exactly what to expect. A service sold as "great" is a highly subjective measure and more abstract, thus a consumer would find it harder to form a clear expectation. For example, it's hard to market first aid training without the positive that you will have first aid certification that is required for employment, the latter being a tangible factor. If I were merely to market ...

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