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    Family Health Assessment

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    Before interviewing the family, develop two to three open-minded, family-focused questions for each of Gordon's 11 functional health patterns:

    1.Values, health perception
    9.Role Relationship
    Your list of questions must be submitted with your assignment as an attachment.

    After interviewing the family, compile the data and write a paper (1,000-1,250 words) analyzing the family assessment. Include the following:

    1.Briefly summarize the findings for each functional health pattern for your family.
    2.Identify two or more wellness nursing diagnoses based on your family assessment. Wellness and family nursing diagnoses are different than standard, nursing diagnoses

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    It sounds like you are primarily needing help with developing questions that fit each health pattern. I cannot write the paper for you, but I can help you with questions and analysis. If you still feel that you need additional help or need further definition, etc... Send me feedback and I will try to help with any further questions.

    1. Values, health perception. Questions for this pattern are looking at personal values or beliefs of the family (is there a preferred religion? is there an ethnic consideration?) and how they perceive their overall health. Some ideas for questions might be:

    Does the family have a religious preference?
    Does the family belong to a specific racial/ethnic group?
    How often are family members sick?
    Has there been any significant loss of time from work or school due to illness?
    Have there been any injuries in the last year?
    Does anyone smoke?

    Depending on the answers, you can pose more directed questions to get a clearer picture of how the family feels about these things.

    2. Nutrition. ...

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    The solution provides a sampling of questions to ask patients based on Gordon's functional health patterns. Each of the 11 health patterns are addressed with ideas for questions that could be asked to assess family function and wellness.