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Schizophrenia and Schizophreniform Disorder

What are the differences between Schizophrenia and Schizophreniform Disorder?

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Schizophreniform disorder is a category of psychopathology categorized by a brief form of schizophrenia-like symptoms (Marchesi et al., 2007). Also, recent studies confirmed that patients previously diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder often develop schizophrenia (Marchesi et al., 2007). In order to diagnose an individual with a schizophreniform disorder, the patient needs to have a presence of acute onset of psychotic symptoms, presence of confusion or perplexity, good premorbid functioning, and absence of blunted affect (Marchesi et al., 2007).

Research in schizophrenia has mostly focused on the search for ...

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Schizophrenia and Schizophreniform Disorder are correlated. References are also listed to promote research.