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Infectious Agents and Biological Weapons

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Of the following: Anthrax, Plague, Smallpox, Hemorragic Fever Viruses, and Tularemia, which infectious agent is more able to be used as a biological weapon? Why does this agent and/or disease has biological warfare or terrorist potential and why quarantine, or related isolation methods, would or would not be of value in control of this agent and/or disease.

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Infectious Agents and Biological Weapons are exemplified.

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The Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), keep track of the agents posing the highest threat in biological warfare. All of the listed agents are considered a category A, the highest potential threat. They are all easily spread or contagious, they all have high mortality rates and it would take severe public health preparedness if any were released. ( News and Terrorism communicating a crisis. Fact Sheet Us Dept. of Homeland Security http://www.nae.edu/filc.asp )

The department of Defense considers Anthrax to be the biggest biological war fare threat. Anthrax has some special characteristics that make it more dangerous for an attack. Anthrax spores ...

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