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    Chief Information Officer ERP Evaluation and Assessment

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    Assuming the perspective of the CIO of a 170-bed hospital:
    Analyze the concept of and interactions within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), including supply chain management and customer relationship management. As CIO, what are your primary concerns when evaluating an ERP for your setting?

    Evaluate the value of ERP and provide specific examples that would be relevant to the health care setting.

    Assess the impacts of five major pitfalls or risks that CIOs should be aware of in implementing ERP software systems.

    Propose specific strategies that a CIO would consider for addressing the identified pitfalls or risks.

    Please include 3 references - peer-reviewed....thank you for your help

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    One of the most important values of ERP is the fact that ERP greatly increases the flexibility of an organization's operational processes and procedures, which leads to an increased ability of the organization to adapt to the ever-changing conditions inherent with running a healthcare organization or any other kind of organization. An example of this would be entering data into the software module so that more funding is automatically allocated to a wing of the hospital that is receiving more patients at a particular time, which allows the hospital organization to adapt to focusing its financial and human resource assets in the area of the hospital in which it is receiving the majority of patients. This would include automatically reducing the funding and human resources that are distributed to areas of that hospital that are receiving less patients at that particular time such as the shipping and receiving department etc., when there is a need for more resources to be allocated to the ICU unit during the summertime etc. Another important value of ERP is the fact that ERP makes it possible to greatly improve the accuracy of tracking the revenue that enters into a healthcare organization. An example of this would be the tracking of ...