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    Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination

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    Write down a situation you have observed in the workplace for each of the following terms: prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination. How were the situations handled? How would you suggest that they be resolved?

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    1) Working and living in the South, you still see a lot of prejudice. It is aimed at blacks and Hispanics by whites. At one company, the cafeteria was where it was most apparent. The black workers would be congregated around two small tables while the whites were spread out around the rest of the tables. People would purposely sit, one or two to a table, to keep the black people from sitting in the middle of the room. There were also issues of putting the most money and effort into the bathrooms in areas where there were more white workers. The bathrooms on the line and in the shipping hole were deplorable with cracks in the walls and floor and doors that would not lock. However, in the accounting/office/reception areas the bathrooms were nicely painted, carpeted and tiled, with flowers and in one, two very comfortable chairs.

    The management seems to promote this kind of behavior. They allow some departments to go to lunch fifteen minutes before the line people, which had the greatest number of non-whites. The bathrooms were a major issue because they were often left with no toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. Cleanings were irregular and left to the line workers rather than the janitorial staff that cleaned the rest of the building.

    Promotions were limited for those who were non-white as well. It all led to definite problems between the groups and often firings of the blacks ...

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