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Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut J.D. Salinger

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I'm having trouble understanding the story Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut, by J.D. Salinger. I have to write an exploratory essay. Please HELP!!

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Eloise, in the story, seems careless because she didn't marry the man that she loved. Eloise loved Walt, a man that made her laugh and feel good about herself. Eloise doesn't love her present husband. She talks carelessly about him to Mary Jane and says that she doesn't even know why she married him. She even says to Mary Jane, when she asked Eloise why she married him.Eloise thinks that her present husband, Lew, is an uncaring man, who is jealous of everyone and everything.Though she seems careless about her husband, she is very sensitive about Walt. Eloise starts crying when she talks to Mary Jane about how Walt got killed. This shows that Eloise deep inside did care about other things and other people rather then herself. It seems as that Eloise became a bad person when she got married to Lew. She seems to be showing only negative emotions about everything and everyone else except her beloved Walt. Eloise shows exuberance when she is talking or thinking about him. Eloise is shown not only indifferent about her husband, but also lax about her daughter, Ramona. She is careless about her daughter because she is the product of her bad marriage. Eloise seems uncaring about Ramona and the things that she cares about. Eloise once got mad at Ramona for having an imaginary friend. Eloise came to Ramona's bedroom drunk in the middle of the night, while Ramona was sleeping, and started yelling and shaking her. Ramona was extremely frightened of her ...

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