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    Contract case

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    For Christmas, Daniel received a note from his uncle stating that he was giving him a desk and table from a local furniture maker. Both items would be ready in about a month. A week later, without Daniel's knowlede, the uncle decided to cancel the contract for the table. The furniture make agreed to the recession. The desk was delivered about a month later. When Daniel asked about the table he was told of the recession. Upon examination of the desk, Daniel noticed that the workmanship was poor--two drawers would not operate properly and had several flaws. Daniel wants to sue both the furniture maker and his uncle and the loss of the table he was promised. Discuss his options regarding the desk and the table if he has any, why he does and if not why he does not.

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    Please note that you first need to ascertain the formation of a contract.

    What happened between Daniel and his uncle? There was no contract because consideration did not flow from Daniel to his uncle. Then what forms a contract? Essential elements of a contract. It is essential to the existence of a contract that there be: (1) identifiable parties capable of contracting; (2) their ...

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    A contract case is studied. Canceling contracts for tables are analyzed.