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    Book Investigation: Eragon

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    Middle School Level "Book Investigation" on Eragon by Christopher Paolini

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    The book Eragon takes place in a fantastical country called Alagäesia. It could be told at any time in history. The main character, Eragon is a boy, fifteen years old, who lives on a farm on the outskirts of Carvahall, in Palancar Valley. This thriving town is near Igualda Falls, a waterfall that comes from the Spine, a mountain range said to be cursed. Carvahall is part of the Alagäesian Empire, which takes up ¼ of Algaesia, the country. Alagäesia is split up into 5 parts: the Empire, Surda, the Hadarac desert, Du Weldenvarden, and the Beor Moutains. The Empire is a large area of plains and valleys and is mostly farmlands. Surda, or the Breakoff, is a part of the Alagäesian Empire that rebelled and broke off from the rest. The Hadarac desert is a vast expanse of desert, only populated by nomads. Few enter the Hadarac and survive because of terrible conditions including driving sandstorms and burning heat. Du Weldenvarden, which translates to The Guarding Forest, is a huge forest in which the elves reside. This forest is said to have magical powers over visitors because of the elfish population. Lastly, the Beor Mountains, a mountain range in the south of Alagäesia, are said to be miles and miles high, higher than the atmosphere itself! Residing in these mountains are the dwarves and a people called the Varden.

    Point of view
    The book Eragon is told by a narrator, from third-person point of view. However, throughout the story, Eragon's thoughts are written in first-person giving the reader the perspective of the main character. This also gives Eragon more personalization so the reader can identify with him.

    It is difficult to find a theme in the story Eragon. But, from the main character, a lesson can be found: to persevere in your goals. Because Eragon was true to his goals, and didn't give up, he succeeded in his pursuits. He discovered strength and knowledge through perseverance. Even a seemingly small boy can become something great.

    Eragon is an action and adventure story that begins when Eragon finds a strange stone in the mountain range Spine. He discovers it is actually a dragon egg when it hatches in the middle of the night. When he ...

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    Middle School level Book Investigation / Summary of Eragon my Christopher Paolini. About 1500 words.