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Power symbols in Aesops Fables

The translators comment that the world of Aesop's Fables lacks "any political system other than absolute monarchy." What marks of absolute kingship appear in the Fables?

In these fables, as with Grimm's tales, the animals and objects act out the current state of humanity and government.
How else can a bird and a sausage have a relationship ( Grimm)?

In Aesop's fables the same transfer of human identity and social level are described through the relationships in the animal kingdom. Notice the term animal kingdom, and there is a big hint there! Readers can tell by which animals are discussed, how the fable will end. This based as well on whether the Lion is portrayed. The Lion represents monarchy for Aesop who is believed to have been a slave.

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Hello my name is Tory, and welcome to Brainmass. I found a few fables that deal with hierarchies and monarchies. Aesop being a slave did work for a king. That is first and foremost,

Aesop's Fables - The Kingdom of the Lion
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This topic is discussed in terms of political and social ideas of the time. Addressing who Aesop was, if he really wrote those tales, and how they represent hierarchies in the human world and the animal world.