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    Meaning Emily Dickenson's "Because I could not stop for Death"

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    Write down a line from Walt Whitman's "From Song of Myself". Reflect on that line in a paragraph exploring "meaning."
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    Choose an entire verse from Emily Dickenson's "Because I could not stop for Death...". Write it down. Reflect on that verse in a paragraph exploring meaning.
    150 words

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    "Song of Myself"
    "I Celebrate myself, and sing myself"
    This is the very first line of the poem. From this, you could draw a number of conclusions and thoughts regarding meaning. When reading "I Celebrate myself" it seems to imply confidence. There is no need to wait for others to decide what they think about this person or if they are worth celebrating. They have already decided that they are going to be celebrated. The end of that line, "and sing myself" could imply praising self. Again, there is no need to wait or wonder what someone else will offer. The narrator is ...

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