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The President's Speech

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Read Chapter 9 in Sacks - The President's Speech

What is the main character's disorder?
What capacity is diminished and what capacity is enhanced by her disability?
Explain the impact of hearing Reagan's speech on the main character. What does she notice that others do not? What does she miss?

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It is my pleasure to assist with some notes about the books by Sacks. Today, You have asked a few questions about chapter 9. I will just jump right in.

What is the main character's disorder?

Emily D. was the main character. She was a patient in the aphasia ward at Sacks hospital. She was diagnosed with total agnosia. To be more specific, she had a glioma in her right temporal lobe that made her incredibly sensitive to tones and expressions when someone was speaking. In essence, she had the power and ability to discern a speaker's true feelings, regardless of the words they were ...

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The main character's disorders are discussed. The impact of hearing Reagan's speech on the main character are explained.

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