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    Homers Iliad: Achilles' Emotions

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    Homers Illiad:
    Beginning with the opening lines of the poem, Achilles is often driven to action or reaction by his emotions. Which emotions drive him at various points in the narrative? Which events trigger emotional outbursts? Which characters intervene to prevent Achilles from over-reacting out of emotion, or to attempt to persuade him out of his planned actions?

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    Achilles is prideful. He shows that so often that almost any part of the narrative with him in it, includes his pride and how easily he can be angered when it is pricked.

    His anger and rage are other emotions that cause him to do stupid things. For example, Agamemnon, who demands he give up his war trophy, Briseis, wounds his pride and he goes off, raging and wanting to be killed by anyone, including the Trojans. His anger is out ...

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    A review of the emotions of Achilles in the Illiad. The emotions which drive in various point in the narrative are given. The events which triggered the emotional outburst is given. Achilles emotions are analyzed.