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    Persuasive essay and refuting a myth

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    This assignment gives you an opportunity to attack your least favorite myth or stereotype.
    Present the "common view" of an issue with a surprising truth. Begin your paper with a statement like, "Most people believe X but the truth is Y."
    You can pick a fairly mundane or frivolous subject: "Most people believe cats are antisocial. The truth is, cats can be even more demonstrative than dogs." Then you cite 3 or 4 anecdotes from your experience and/or facts you have researched.
    Please stay away from personal, family, or religious topics.
    You can be academic and theoretical. If you choose this option, you need to cite the source of all your facts.
    "Most people believe we get rid of anger by venting but the truth is that distraction works better as a way to defuse anger. Venting just makes us angrier. Three research studies show..." and so on.
    Or you can relate to your own experience.
    Here are 2 examples. Please do NOT use these examples!
    Example 1: "Most people think military boot camp is tough and demanding. The truth is, if you arrive in good physical shape, it's easy."
    Example 2: "People think managing people means telling them what to do all the time. The truth is, you get the best results when ... " and so on.

    (1) Begin with a thesis statement like, "Most people believe X but the truth is Y."
    (2) Cite 3 statements that support your thesis. Refer to facts. Cite your sources. If you draw on experience, clarify that you are referring to your own experience.
    (3) Suggest 2 points that seem to contradict your thesis statement. Defuse these arguments.
    (4) Come up with a strong, powerful conclusion. Send readers away feeling satisfied.
    (5) Review your paper to be sure it's easy to understand. Make sure you have set up your points as paragraphs.

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    This assignment's topic is wide open. You can choose to discuss virtually ANYTHING. I even had some trouble figuring out what to write about with this one, and I consulted my husband for ideas. He suggested that everyone thinks getting married and having kids is important, but the truth is that lots of people might actually be happier if they did not go either route. I said that might cause you, a college student, some problems relating to that one - WE have six kids, probably not you!

    To choose a topic, consider things that you are interested or passionate about. I teach art, and lots of my students say that they can't create art, but the truth is that anyone can create art -perhaps not the sort they would most like to create, but they can create art, they just have probably not done it yet. However, the one topic I settled on was this one: Most people think that the United States is the best place in the world to live and work, but the truth is that there are many wonderful places in the world to live and work besides the U.S. I thought you might be able to relate to that one a little better.

    Your standard five-paragraph persuasive essay will still have an introduction that contains your thesis statement, three body paragraphs that present ideas you will discuss logically and reasonably, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes your arguments. Your sample essay, upon which you will base your own ...

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    Ideas for topic of refuting a myth or stereotype in a standard five-paragraph essay format, with sample essay to model your response upon.