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Please check for comma errors

Check for comma errors: 1.I'll go with you if you pay my way.2.If you loan me your car I'll take your grandmother anywhere she wants to go.3.When Karen wants something she always sends me a littlegift.4.When we go out of town is not important.5.I can't afford to go because of the high fuel prices.6.Mary doesn't like him because he seems to know everything.7.Could you wait here while I run into the sore?8.While Katie gets a soft drink I'll just listen to the radio.9.I want to go to the party so that I can get to know him better.10.The party got too noisy so the police came. One method for dealing with troublemakers in high school is to notify their parents. Parents have a significant impact on their children because they are the authority in the home. For example, they could cut the spending on their kids and if the kids don't have any money they will go out less and will feel sorry for them. Moreover, the parents could ground their kids and restrict them from the telephone. They will feel very bored and will remember this punishment from their parents. For example, one of my friends was grounded and then felt regret for his selfish actions. Therefore, parent notification is also a well-remembered punishment for troublemakers. Service work is another method for punishment. The troublemakers could do service work around the school, such as clean up the desks and classrooms. Moreover, the punishment could also include the troublemakers putting some time into cleaning up the cafeteria or backyard at school. They will find out that these services will be tough for them and they will remember that fact the next time they cause problems in school. Additionally, students hate to lose face in front other students at school when they are doing these services so the chances that they will get into trouble again will lessen. Therefore, service work is a very effective punishment for troublemakers.