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Leadership Theories

This posting analyzes a meeting using 4 theories/concepts from the any chapter from 1-8.

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Please allow my notes from a meeting last week to offer some model ideas to get you started:

Based on the checklist in case2.pdf, I only checked 1, 3, and 9 based on the leader's actions.

First, I noted that the Power-Influence Approach was slightly used during the meeting when one colleague, who also works at night as a chiropractor, tried to exert his power and money over the other workers' decision. He kept using his influence to try and sway the others. Even the CEO kept referring to him and urging him on, so I felt that many of Chapter 1's theories about power's ability to influence was used during this meeting. In sum, I felt like an Integrative Approach characterizes the CEO's behaviors during most of the meeting. Although many types were ...

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This posting offers a model of how to apply leadership theories.