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This posting helps users to write about someone you know personally in terms of leadership traits.


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First, leadership skills and teamwork abilities play pivotal roles in a teacher's or leader's overall success. In order to serve as an effective leader, there are certain characteristics that one must exhibit. People do not have to be born a leader in order to be influential. Instead, this paper assesses a personal example of a leader and her outstanding and defining leadership attributes.

In turn, this leader is a teacher at my previous high school. She is the type of teacher who does not merely view students as simply names on a roll sheet or numbers in a grade book. On the other hand, she exhibits powerful leadership skills by her ability to form deep, long lasting personal and solid relationships even with the most difficult of students. Her students come back from the military and even high school to see her. They send her postcards and wedding announcements even through adulthood due to the roots of her lifelong relationships that she builds through her leadership style. All kids, from both genders, all races, and even socioeconomic levels, aspire to be like this woman.

She serves as a leader because she is proactive to teaching situations, not just reactive. She really ensures that kids are on task through her excellent lessons that use popular music, movie clips, rap music, and other forms of students' ...

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