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Journal Writing Tips

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These questions are posed:

1. How might someome use/organize content such as topics, readings, quotes, and other content resources in a journal?
2. What format/style might be usedfor keeping a journal?
3. What are the benefits of a professional resource portfolio and examples?

Where can I find information to assit me with these?

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Please allow my ideas to serve as a springboard:

First, someone might use and organize content such as topics, readings, quotes, and other content resources in a journal, using tabs, titles, prompts, and other organizational ideas. I encourage my students merely to keep a notebook. They create a title or I give them one using the topics of the day. For example, last week we were talking about utopias or the concept of a "perfect world." I asked them to write about what their perfect world would be like. Some of them wrote straight narratives, others wrote poems or raps.

It is always important to level your entry with the date of your entry. You can use tabs or dividers if you use a binder to secure loose leaf paper, or you may just use a spiral notebook for your entries.
Online journals are also popular. I used this format during graduate school. You can journal about the topic of today's class, classroom discussion, or reading. You can use the journal as a tool to question, reflect, or go deeper about the class.

Next, as you select which format or style might be used for keeping a journal, it depends upon your personality, organizational method, or professor's wishes.

However, some methods include Freewriting where you simply pour whatever you want onto the page. You simply use stream of consciousness writing to write ...

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