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    Examples of Parallel Structure

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    One of the hallmarks of a good writer is parallel structure.


    Come up with 3 sentences to illustrate correct use of parallel structure. Then read another student's paper and comment on the correctness of his or her examples.

    If you're first:, comment on my example:

    Not parallel:
    We like sports, hiking and taking the dog for walks.
    We like sports, hiking an dog-walking.
    We like playing sports, hiking the trails and walking the dog.

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    Not parallel: We like sports, hiking and taking the dog for walks.
    This is a good example of a non-parallel sentence. The corrected version is your last sentence. That version is a proper parallel sentence. In this example you have used incomplete parts for the sentence with varying forms of structure. Each point in the sentence ...

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    This solution provides three examples of parallel sentence structure.