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Parker and Bambara

Dorothy Parker's "The Standard of Living" and Toni Cade Bambara's "The Lesson" are compared and contrasted.

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How well do you come to know the young women in Parker's story? What is their style? How do they dress, act, and talk?

Due to Parker's concise characterizations, readers come to know them quite well. For example, characters play a vital role. Please notice Parker's emphasis on the characters' attire to suggest their socioeconomic statuses. Please also notice how both Annabel and Midge are direct products of their Fifth Avenue lifestyles. Some critics even label them as stereotypes. Parker portrays their "bubbly and blonde/Paris Hiltonesque" attitudes toward wealth. Her use of the" tea room" in the first paragraph denotes a higher class status. The women's need for a facade of wealth and splendor also permeates the piece. In sum, the women lack individuality. Instead, they are almost carbon copies or cookie cutters of each other; they act, dress, and talk in a ...

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This posting compares and contrasts these authors.