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Storytelling and Style

Create a character, real or imagined, with a distinct manner of behaving or style of talking. Put this character in a situation where he or she plays a public role (the public persona shown to others) and contrast it with the character's private persona (the real character when no one is watching). Narrate your episode or vignette in first person point of view (as in the Bambara story) or in third person point of view (as in the Parker story). 200-300 words, 1-2 paragraphs

You are creating a new character, not writing about a character in literature, movies, or TV.

The same character must possess different traits depending on setting. For instance, a CEO who is a tyrant at work, but can be bullied by his children (do not use this example - come up with your own). Account for the differences in behavior by providing solid motivations for the character.

I have attached a sample of what it should look like (see attached file).

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Daniel stood waiting for his next job assignment at a construction site. His slouched posture and the shuffling of his feet revealed his discomfort. As he waited to be given his next orders by the construction supervisor, his discomfort intensified. He was what some people referred to as a "joe boy" of the trade. He had no particular job title and helped whoever needed help. When someone hollered "Daniel, get ...

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Through illustrative example, this solution creates a character with a distinct manner of behaving or style of talking. The character possesses different traits depending on setting.