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    Contrasting of Writing Styles between Different Authors

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    Read Dorothy Parker's "The Standard of Living" and Toni Cade Bambara's "The Lesson". Clearly, these stories were written not only by different authors, but with different styles. Write a response that addresses the issues of literary style. Your response should specifically focus on the following question:
    - Compare and contrast Parker's and Bambara's use of style. How do they differ and why?

    To address the above question, you may also consider and want to incorporate the following questions into your answer:
    Question 1: How well do you come to know the young women in Parker's story? What is their style? How do they dress, act, and talk?
    Question 2: Parker was known for her sharp tongue and malicious wit. Do these show in the style of this story? Why or why not?
    Question 3: In Bambara's work, we see the children from uptown through the eyes of one of their own. How does this point of view shape the story as a whole?
    Question 4: How does the tough street language that the narrator and her friends speak differ from the genteel middle-class language used by other authors? What distinctive features do you recognize? Do you find the language offensive? Why or why not?

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    Please allow my notes to help with your response.

    1. First, as you address how well do you come to know the young women in Parker's story, their style, and their mannerisms of dressing, acting, and talking, please let me suggest that we do get to know them quite well due to Parker's thorough characters and effective use of dialogue to produce vivid characters. For example, the characters and setting play a vital role in our feelings, awareness, and impressions of the characters. Please notice Parker's emphasis upon the characters' socioeconomic status to show their mental and emotional traits as well s her physical descriptions of their clothes to denote status and personality.

    Annabel and Midge seem like carbon copies of their Fifth Avenue lifestyle. You may even deem them as stereotypes. Parker portrays their "bubbly and blonde/Paris Hilton-like" attitudes toward wealth. By using references to the" tea room" in the first paragraph, we are aware of higher class status and attitudes. The women's need for a facade of wealth and splendor make them superficial to the reader. In turn, the ...

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    In 730 words, this solution provides an account which contrasts the writing styles of the two authors, Parker and Bambara. A description of the writing style in pieces of writing done by each of these authors, with attention to how their characters and story lines are told differently, is provided.