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Please help with the following problem.

Using the topic "health information technology effects on physician-patient care," I need help starting on an essay. I need an idea for a thesis statement and supporting points with logical reasoning and evidence based on your knowledge and experience. I need a jumping off point and some info to get me started, as well as sources I could use to find out more.

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This solution provides help in writing as essay on technology use in health care.

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If you use the disease of alcoholism and its effects on family, friends and life in general, you have the opportunity to educate a lot of people about the progressive and fatal nature of this disease. You can utilize the text, Alcoholics Anonymous, along with various pamphlets and the monthly magazine, the A.A. Grapevine.

You can also contact your local AA office and ask for a presentation from the Cooperation with the Professional Community group of AA.

Your thesis is woud be that alcoholism is a chemical allergy to alcohol, coupled ...

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