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Tips on writing better essays.

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How can I write better essays?

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Well, there is no real secret to writing a good essay, but there is however a simple structure that you can follow which will make your essay strong.
<br>The structure of an essay is very important, the essay has to 'flow' from one section to another, it has to be interesting and so will keep the readers attention. The most important thing to remember though when writing an essay is to ANSWER THE QUESTION, this is where many students go wrong.
<br>The basic structure of a good essay is in three major parts;
<br>1. Introduction
<br>2. Main points both descriptive and critical
<br>3. Conclusion
<br>The introduction of your essay is extremely important, it sets up the entire essay. The most important factor to remember when writing an introduction is to make it interesting, giving enough information to explain the essay, but holding back enough to keep the reader involved and make them want more!
<br>The main objective of the introduction is to obviously introduce the subject matter of the essay to the reader, what is the essay about? This is important as it is the question you will be answering in your essay - therefore this is one of the first ...

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