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    What is the denotative versus connotative meanings of words?

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    What is the denotative versus connotative meanings of words? What would some examples of this be in a home environment or in a corporate environment?

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    Well let's first define which each of them mean. According to www.answers.com it says;

    Connotative - Implying something additional; illative. Implying an attribute, connotative term, one which denotes a subject and implies an attribute - tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind: allusive, evocative, impressionistic, reminiscent, suggestive.

    Definition: implication
    Antonyms: basic meaning, denotation, literal meaning

    The meaning that a word suggests or implies; a connotation includes the emotions or associations that surround a word. For example, the word modern strictly means "belonging to recent times," but the word's connotations can include such notions as "new, up to date, and experimental."

    Example - The suggestion of a meaning by a word beyond what it explicitly denotes or describes. The ...