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    Thesis/Abortion Essay

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    I need a thesis sample to start my paper. My topic is abortion.

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    Dear Student:

    One good way to understand and begin a thesis is by having a question you can turn into a statement. What questions do you have about abortion?

    For example, here are some possibilities:

    How can certain people believe they are justified in murdering abortion doctors? How many times has this happened?

    Is there ever a time when abortion is needed to save the mother?

    What do people argue about when they make their cases for when life starts in the womb?

    In what states is abortion more accepted? Or which states have the the most forceful laws against abortion?

    Do you see what I'm getting at? First you need a question before you can have a thesis.

    Why is Roe v. Wade considered to be the most important decision the Supreme Court ever made regarding abortion?

    Okay, so here's what you need to do next. Take one of these questions and make a statement out of it. For example:

    Roe v. Wade is the most ...

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    How to write ideas for a topic on abortion.